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Paperback available on Amazon

Award Winning Script

Its screenplay has been awarded multiple laurels for its ground-breaking exposure to the horrible business known as "The Show." It is available on Amazon.com both in paperback and Kindle.

2017 Animal Rights Conference in Washington, DC.

Story Background

Written under the tutelage of Yale Screenwriting Professor Marc Lapadula who calls it "A well-written story that is important to us all." Both ASPCA and HSUS attorneys gave full access to their files and case reports for accuracy. Law Enforcement K-9 Officers critiqued it for authenticity.


Screenwriter Background

Lawrence Whitener is a two-time Best Actor Winner with 12 Wins and 17 Nominations for his screenplays and SAG Short films. "My decision to base an action script centered around the inhuman sport known as dogfighting was based on my hours of research that proves only amending the current Animal Rights Act to include Spectators would every hope slow what is becoming a criminal's fastest way to earn huge profits with almost no investment." IMDb Resume https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3310244/?ref_=nv_sr_1