Redemption through revenge for all the right reasons

Before he can save them all, he first has to save himself.

About Us

His Story

Jonothon Doge, known simply as DOG, was a Vietnam Military War Dog Handler. He's now a Retired K-9 Sheriff with a drinking problem. Racked by horrible guilt, he reluctantly returns to his small hometown after his estranged sister's midnight plea. Dog sniffs around only to discover an underground crime ring. He warns the crime boss, "It's better to let a sleeping Dog lie," before they try to kill him. Dog hides licking his wounds until he can dig up the strength within  himself to takedown the badguys. His redemption is revenge for all the right reasons.

HSUS Poster

Protecting Humans

We work closely with Animal Rights organizations, shelters, and volunteers. All of us understand that animal abuse, especially to the gruesome results of dogfighting, is the forerunner of both child and spouse abuse. Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”  What message are we sending the world?

Making a Difference

There is a difference between trying to make a good movie...and trying to make a movie, to do good. The purpose of telling this story has always been to raise the public's awareness as to how truly offensive and destructive dogfighting is in order to motivate their concern to pressure Congress to pass mandatory sentencing for both Owners and Spectators.

3-min Teaser

Three minute version shown at the 2018 Enginuity Film Festival in Las Vegas